Setup CentOS 6.4 to run PHP 5.5

I always use the PHP mysql native driver aka mysqlnd when I develop something serious in PHP. Because of many reasons, both of performance and software design nature.

I’ve learned the hard way that the trio mysqlnd – CentOS 6 – PHP 5.3 is never a happy story, unless you have a system administrator sitting around to compile PHP 5.3 with the mysqlnd option in configure command every time you setup another web server. I don’t want to go further to other implications, to be honest I hate being logged in as root and I try to make my visits as short as possible. Sometimes I wonder how sysadmins can like their job.

So, I took a leap of faith, I upgraded all my servers to CentOS 6.4 and I installed PHP 5.5 which ships with mysqlnd and did all the management with yum. Sweet.

It is a bit trickier than it seems though. The default PHP that ships with CentOS 6.4 is PHP 5.3.

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I’ll get straight into the point.

Twitter for me is /dev/null. (a black hole). Also, it lacks the feature of searching my own tweets using different parameters.

Facebook UI on the other side is a moving target. And all of a sudden, my wall posts are being archived every once in a while and do not appear normally. Not to mention the fact that one cannot actually search beneath your posts (and please don’t tell me about graph search) and you don’t own any of your data.

So, I went on and created microfeed.

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PHP 5.3 mysqlnd driver – phpmyadmin problems on Ubuntu Linux Server 12.04

Yesterday, I wanted to install the php-mysqlnd driver on an Ubuntu Linux Server running PHP 5.3. I needed to do that in order to be able to run code like that (it fails miserably otherwise and for me that function is like a swiss knife):

$result = $stmt->get_results();

The procedure was quite straightforward, but it kind of “sacked” phpmyadmin. And when I tried to reinstall it, it was uninstalling the mysqlnd driver.

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