2015: A year full of changes

Like many people do these days, I’ve just looked back into what year 2015 had in store for me. It brought many changes, most of them good ones.

It started by me getting my new motorbike. This introduced me to an entirely different world of trips, exploring, speed and super efficient commuting. I have done around 17,000 miles (27,358 km) in a single year. It started by my first ever trip to Ireland. What an experience.

Then I explored southwest England, passing from Bath, Bristol, Weston-super-Mare, Cheddar Gorge and of course the legendary Atlantic highway, known as A39, from Minehead to Barnstaple. And finally, I ended up watching the sun go down at Saunton Sands, the beach that gave birth for the cover of my favourite album of all time. Check out some pictures here.

I also did a mini tour of Great Britain. Cambria, Caledonia, Anglia. Riding from London to North Wales and then all the way to Edinburgh. Finally, running down to London in a single day. Using A roads and avoiding motorways. Passing from Lake District and Brecon Beacons. Tiring, but rewarding trip.

Then I travelled from a big island to a smaller one. The name of it? Isle of Wight. I had a really good time here with friends, having some time off work and relaxing. The Great British weather did make us a favour and it was sunny all weekend.

Finally, there was the Great Escape and the Great Return. My motorbike ended up being a very reliable mate. It didn’t skip a beat despite cold, heat, rain, sleet and snow.

Apart from my exploring, I had my last gigs with Until Rain. The one I remember vividly is the very last one. Then we decided to part ways, so that is not a part of my life any more and after feeling a bit strange for a while, it has been a great relief. In fact, I would end it long before, have I known this at the time.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t selfish at the time and I was feeling guilty about letting other people down. And that made things worse for all parties involved.

But if everyone did everything for his own interest, the world would be a much better and simpler place.

Because sometimes, it is so much better to let things go. There’s nothing noble in carrying unnecessary weight around. Like a coma patient, sometimes you need to face reality, do the right thing and pull the plug.

Niume on the other hand has been quite successful this year. Despite some difficulties during Spring, we surpassed our goal of funding, we moved to a fancy office in the heart of European startup hub, Shoreditch, we made great progress. And the new year is going to be even better.

We just surpassed the one million unique visitors a month milestone for December and even if I am not quite sure I am supposed to disclose this sort of information, I guess I just did.

The road ahead is full of surprises and obstacles, but life itself is just a ride, isn’t it?

I lost a friend in June, Zafiris, and that just reminded me how short and unpredictable can life be.

So I reminded myself not to listen to anybody other my heart and my instinct. The measure of success for me isn’t how much money you are making. It isn’t how much qualified you are. It is about getting up in the morning, feeling good about yourself and doing something you love.

If this happens, the other two will follow.  I can assure you about this first hand. Because if you really love what you do, you are going to be damn good at it.

Surround yourself with people that have got something to give to you and that inspire you and get rid of the toxic rest.

My Odyssey with my lower back, reminded me that we are getting old every day that passes. So I decided to make every day matter. I had to change some of my habits and accept the fact that I am not 16 any more. But that didn’t stop me from ignoring all the doctors that insisted that I should take it easy and rode all around Europe in the summer.

The pain also lowered my patience towards  the idiocy around me. Bullshitters, arse lickers, schmoozers and time wasters, beware of my cane.

In November, I finally found closure to a personal issue of mine and that cloud disappeared from my head.

And finally, I have moved out of London and I live alone, in a small cottage annexe in the Hertfordshire countryside. So far, I love it.

Waking up in the morning, drinking my coffee whilst sitting on my rocking chair and gazing the green fields with horses really inspires you and makes you productive for the rest of the day.

The people are kind, helpful and there is a sense of community, unlike London, where everyone seems to be a bit of a self-righteous cunt, me included.

The pubs nearby are lovely as well. And it is not like I am going to miss “The Big Smoke“, since it takes me less time to go to the office using the M11 than it did from Ealing.

So with that summed up, I can’t wait for 2016. Since it is a leap year, it means that we will also have an extra day to complete our goals.

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