re-switched from Windows to Linux

Now that I live in England and I only have my laptop computer at the moment, I decided to re-switch from Windows 7 to Linux.

Yeah, it’s a re-switch, as I have done it in the past, but I had enough headaches trying to tweak and hack around to make all of my devices just compatible.

That includes an old but expensive and well working Canon Scanner, a TV Card, a Printer etc. I got bored with all of it and just used x86 windows. Yeap, to be fair my desktop computer is a Windows 7 x64 computer that had compatibility issues with my devices too.

So to make a long story short, Ubuntu 10.04 just did not making me productive back then, being my primary desktop OS. As I had a headless linux server running in my room, I could do all the web development there, from windows using samba and ssh. But now that I only have one computer and I need to do everything with it, ubuntu 12.04 seems so far a nice partner.

The things that still annoy me are the the fonts, MS Office Documents, Adobe Photoshop Documents.

The fonts maybe because I just did not get used to them, but I think that they are not “well clear typed”. And they aren’t my cup of tea artistically and aesthetically too. (a bit too hipster I would say) That would be the only reason to buy a mac, had I won the lottery. Having the linux engine and functionality while having a beautiful and fully functional GUI integrated.

For MS Office Documents, libre office could be fine for a while, but if I’ll have to do a lot of work will be a disaster. It’s not working when you’re simply incompatible with the rest of the world. Sorry open office folks, keep up the good work it’s not your fault. Market Rules.

Now, Adobe Photoshop and photo editing, I am glad I don’t have to do a lot of it. You know, one thing I cannot like about linux is that as jwz says, GUI is a moving target. And with other things I may be fine because I am the script and command line type of guy, but I cannot do command line photo editing. I am not that good 🙂

The one thing that really amazed me, frustrated me and finally disappointed me, is KDE vs Gnome on speed. I used to be a KDE fan, but KDE simply slowed down my computer. I don’t have the latest Sony VAIO with i7 and stuff, I never buy the ones with the bells and the whistles.

I don’t know the reasons for that and to say the truth I am not really interested, so I fell back to Gnome Classic. Gnome Unity simply sucks for me, but maybe is good for tablet pc users.

That’s for now folks, I’ll keep posting about any problems I may experience and work-arounds I did to solve them.


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