Oracle Database

I have been using Oracle DB as a client, sending basic queries and doing basic DB work with the Oracle Application Express Web Interface.

This week, I installed and configured Oracle Enterprise Edition 12g on a Windows 2008 server cloud machine as well as Oracle Application Express 10g locally on my laptop.

The installation and initial configuration seemed easy at the end of the day, but before getting there I was a bit confused. The apex installation was pretty easy, but I recalled the horror of web interfaces.

As you understand I am not a great fan of phpmyadmin either. Everyone says that everything goes cloud and gets browser based etc, but I prefer some things to be old school.

-I feel so old saying this but anyway, I wonder how 40 year old programmers feel like for the tablet – browser – cloud new bubble-

Or I get a terminal emulator for the worst case scenario. I have enough pain on my wrist from the mouse, anyway. Also, I cannot forget the headaches caused from browser incompatibilities, in various web applications.

But the advantage of the web interface is that you have a way to configure your database relatively easily if you haven’t done it enough times to be comfortable to digg into the configuration files for fine tuning the db and creating users and granting privileges using SQL via a terminal. (I am not comfortable enough to create users and grant privileges, because I am not a DBA).

That was the thing I did with apex. I allowed the outbound http connections with a mouse click. Fair enough.

Also had to open ports…

Linux terminal: 1 command (sudo ufw allow 1521)
Windows Server: Numerous mouse clicks and enough head scratching.

Maybe there’s another easier way but I was so bored to search for easing my boredom.

Anyway, Oracle has developed a great tool for doing various database work, called SQL Developer, which is free. I played some time with it, configurating dark colour schemes and exploring various tools and I think it was quite a good first touch.

I will try to find a way for managing MySQL databases using SQL Developer, in order to get rid of the buggy MySQL Workbench, at least for my everyday small queries and result set exports.


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