Amazon’s horrible HDNL delivery

I am a proud customer. However, sometimes I really cannot understand the fact that they rely on HDNL for delivering goods. It is a really a big business strategy mistake of them and I am really skeptical on making new orders because of this particular delivery company.

I cancel orders before these are dispatched if I see that I am that “lucky” and HDNL delivers my goods.

Who knows,

“maybe they follow this strategy to lower the very high demand some ignorant-conspiracy-driven person would say.”

So, this will be my small tale between many other horror stories I found on the internet about HDNL, which stands for “Home Delivery Network Limited”. Also, watch out, because it turns out that the company “Yodel” is the same company operating under a different name.

Now, relax back at your chair and enjoy the journey…

So, I simply ordered at December 22th and the estimated delivery date was the 24th of December.

I didn’t really expect the parcel to arrive at the 24th of December for obvious reasons, like high-parcel-traffic-due-to-holiday.

This is normal, but as I am writing these words, the parcel containing my precious gift that would make me happy for Christmas was already late for about 9 days.

I contacted amazon help and support via live chat and there was a very helpful Indian man who refunded me the delivery costs, because the parcel was by far not delivered the at expected date.

At last, my parcel was delivered the 2nd January 2013, being ten days late. Actually it was not delivered like the other packages with royal mail. It was delivered near my house and I got a call to pick it up.

Once a failure, always a failure.

I was really browsing the web these days when I had my breaks from work, to find out more complaints about HDNL. I was really frustrated with the fact that amazon actually does business with this company.

Let’s have a sample of their reputation here…

Mr Chambers calls them “clowns”, I insist on calling them “donkeys”.

“I am a moderator for a customer discussion board for a major UK telecom provider. Not a week goes by without horrendous stories of HDNL/Yodel.

As I write this I am still waiting for a parcel from Amazon – it’s lain in the wrong HDNL warehouse for 4 days and is now back where it started.

If I get it tomorrow it will only be 5 days for a next day delivery, but for these clowns that is a record.”

Mr Cambridge and the “clown show” again…

“Just had to get a refund on an item too as I gave up waiting around for these f****** useless pair of clown shoes service. attempted to get it redelivered 3 times and ended up with nothing.

I suggest Amazon change, because if i order something from Amazon again and notice that the HDNL clown college is delivering it, i will cancel the order straight

sort it out Amazon! stop using these clowns”

My friend David, we share the same passion for computers and he will be told off by his boss because of them, of course I cannot let you out of this…

“I have ordered a NAS and a HDD (Guaranteed next day delivery on 19th of Jul.) The HDD delivered by Royal Mail Special Delivery on time at 20th, around 12:00. I had waited the NAS at all day. (I work from home most of the time and my desk is just in front of the main window where can I see the street and the front garden as well.) The NAS didn’t arrived. I have contacted with Amazon, they said they don’t know what happened but they refounded my postage costs and they said that my parcel going to arrive today before 13:00. After 13:00 I have contacted Amazon again, they said that HDNL (yodel) who claims that my property was “unreachable”. But they will try do redeliver it…. To see clear the situation every other courier have found my house, actually I live in a small town, my house is on the second largest street in here, and i’m also in the center of the postcode. So if you search my postcode every navigation system (including google maps) will spot on my house.

Thats how hard to find me.
I’m still waiting… But to be honest mainly I use Amazon for my work and because of the next day delivery.
I should build in that NAS to the office of my boss in this weekend…
THANK YOU Amazon for using HDNL!”

Also, I have to quote some of my favourite quotes-expressions so far used for HDNL so-called service…

“HDNL makes a strong case for introduction of 0 star rating” – could not agree more

“The worst company I have ever dealt with, thieves and liars” – tough point, raw truth

“As you’ve already gathered if you’re reading this, you’ve been a victim of the worst delivery company in Britain.” – and this is J@ck@ss

“There are not enough four letter words to describe this rubbish company” – laconic. fuck, shit, crap, c’mon improvise

“My heart sinks when I see that HDNL is delivering my goods…” – poetic style

Also, between all these pleasant comments, I also found a song about them.

Title: How HDNL stole Christmas…

You’re a mean one HDNL

You really are a Thief

You’re as reliable as a chocolate tea pot

And have a customer service that doesn’t care


You’re a bad company,

with the worst delivery record in the world!

You’re a monster, HDNL!

Your drivers tell you fibs.

They say deliver goods .

When obviously they don’t!!


I wouldn’t touch you

With a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole!!!

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