Logistics in London

As I’ve already written, I moved from East London to West London.

The last post was a bit poetic and romantic, so I decided to make this post as the more enjoying aspect of my moving.

At first, I have to comment, that moving home without the benefit and the ease of having a car or some other vehicle that can help you carry your stuff, sucks big time. In my case, it was even worse, as I had to use “buffer houses“, for the time that I would be officially homeless, as I was in the process of moving from one place to the other.

These houses were used to ‘accommodate’ my stuff the days that I was sleeping at his extra comfortable and badass couch and also when I traveled back home to pack and send the rest of my belongingsmostly computers and drum oriented components.

Luckily for me, I have a good friend in East London and a good friend in South London. I also used to have some female contacts in North London, but this is another post’s story 😉

The funny thing though was that in the end, I was in Greece, the stuff I sent arrived in my London house, some of my stuff were in East London, and the rest of the stuff were in South London.

So I can poetically state that I was scattered around London.

Anyway, the situation of my room when I arrived in my new house was the following:

My room when I arrived home for the first time
My room when I arrived home for the first time

Notice that the first thing I did was to assemble my chair which I have brought from Greece and it serves me well for three and a half years now after a four month break. I also made sure my monitor was OK after unpacking it from its box.

I was so tired of cleaning up this mess, that I decided that I would sleep on my nice couch for the first night, in order not to break the latest habits I have been introduced too. So I just made my nice little comfy bed and had a nice full night’s sleep.

My new badass and lazy couch.
My new bad-ass and lazy couch.

The next morning I had to work, so I had to find or create a nice and comfortable environment for this purpose. For the last month I have to say that I really got used in working almost anywhere somebody can imagine.

Planes, trains, buses, kitchen tables, chairs, coffee tables and the list goes on…

Anyway, I came up with this solution at that time. I have to report here that my flatmate found it amazing and decided to take a picture of it.

My "better-than-nothing-temporary-office"
My “better-than-nothing-temporary-office”

It served me well for two days until my office arrived at my door. So, as I was waiting in order to be fully comfortable and “installed”, I had to please myself and reward me for my…

… I don’t know. I just had to reward me for something. So I made myself a nice dinner after I filled the fridge with the two most important ingredients to my survival.

The only and the one Heinz. No ketchup can stand a chance near it.
The only and the one Heinz. No other ketchup can stand a chance near it.

Heinz Ketchup as you got it is the first ingredient.

The picture is not photoshopped. This ketchup along with its package weighs nearly a kilo. It is even bigger than the one I used to buy when I was living east end. Ask him, he always has a story about it.

Kinder Bueno or Cadbury’s chocolate is the second ingredient of life.

The best desert along with Cadbury's chocolate.
The best desert along with Cadbury’s chocolate.

My flatmate really got surprised when he actually saw me flying in the skies because of happiness, as I was enjoying my dessert. He also got amazed when I finally finished setting up my workplace. I am still thanking him for assembling the desk so professionally.

Ah, finally, ready to work as a proper developer
Ah, finally, now at least one would think that I look like a proper developer…

Last but not least, these days the weather in Britain is something more than amazing and sunny, so after I finished with the setup of my wireless-backbone-home-network-bridge, I decided to test it while I was working – having lunch back in the garden.

Below you can find the evidence of this activity:

Well played, well played, touché.
Well played, well played, touché.

 I am also planning of using sunbeds and beach fridges in the summer. Maybe I can buy a baby pool too 😉

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