I’ll get straight into the point.

Twitter for me is /dev/null. (a black hole). Also, it lacks the feature of searching my own tweets using different parameters.

Facebook UI on the other side is a moving target. And all of a sudden, my wall posts are being archived every once in a while and do not appear normally. Not to mention the fact that one cannot actually search beneath your posts (and please don’t tell me about graph search) and you don’t own any of your data.

So, I went on and created microfeed.

Of course it is NOT facebook, it is NOT twitter, it’s NOT a blog (even though has an Atom RSS feed), it’s not fancy, it’s not pretty, it is like my personal thought and event logger.

As I said, just straight to the point.

And because I am not a fan of browser-based applications YET, I created a java desktop application in order to create new feeds and edit the old ones. But one can view the feeds either on the page as HTML or as proper atom feeds in his feed reader.

One can have a look at the code-project here. I would love to hear recommendations and suggestions. Or you can fork it and make something for your self.

Also, you can find my live version here and my feed here.


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