Personal Radio

Before I finally moved in my house, as I said, I had to work in various places (planes, trains, kitchens etc). I keep my music archives in my external HDDs, so I had the simple problem that I couldn’t listen to my music.

Youtube has those extra annoying ADS now that I can simply not stand, so this was not an option.

Having my music on the laptop’s HDD is not a good idea either, it is a space killer that I cannot afford. I prefer keeping the drive clean and only with the essentials (applications and code).

Web radio is not a bad idea, theoretically speaking. But of course, most of the times you have to stand really shitty quality of streaming as well as -this is the worst thing by far- ADS again. They irritate me so much -especially the Greek ones-, that I believe an ‘I’ can easily fit between the ‘A’ and the ‘D’. Bad joke, but anyway.

There is a radio station in Greece that I particularly like the songs that it plays, they are very easy-listening. I used to tune to this station when I was stuck in a traffic jam because I had to commute by car. This station is RSO 91.7, any reader living in Thessaloniki will know its existence.

So the thing I did to solve my problem was quite simple.

I made a list of the songs I liked from this particular station, I batch downloaded them and I uploaded them to my personal radio running in my VPS.

Then, I shared the idea with a couple of friends, and I decided that I should let them make their own lists, so that I have some diversity and I can listen to new songs when I am in the mood for it.

If you think that your personal taste in music may have some interest to me, then you may write the songs that you like in this wishlist and send me a hello email. and maybe you’ll be able to listen to your music via internet, wherever you are.

Unfortunately, you can only listen to the radio using Google Chrome or Safari, as the javascript plugin of the radio makes use of HTML5 and does not have a fallback function for Flash, which is one of the things I hate with passion. Mozilla Firefox due to reasons enlisted here, (licensing-patent reasons) is not able to play the songs out of the box.

It’s a shame, I know, I have been a supporter of Netscape and then Mozilla from the beginning but now, I am finding myself turning away from it.

Anyway, a lot of talking, you can have a sneak peak of the radio here.

I hope you’ll like it.


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