Looking back in 2013

To be honest, I always think of year intervals starting from September, so days like this I tend to sit down and do a last minute thinking.

2013 was a year of big changes and a lot of work for me.

It was a really creative year for me, even though I was really pushed to the boundaries of sanity from things happening around me, as I sank deeper into my solitude.

I’ve written a blog post about my full year in the United Kingdom, also mentioning about my transitional period. I always had that dream of living in my second (now first) country, as I didn’t feel I was a fit for the Greek culture. I don’t feel an absolute fit for the British culture either, but people here tend to mind their own business and also tend to be really diverse, so you can choose wisely the people next to you.

So I tick this one as DONE.

Other than that, niume is alive and kicking expanding to be precise. The alpha phase commenced September the 15th – I will never forget the last 48 hours before the launch. Me and Karen had to convert a broken half-finished product to be ready for semi-public eyes in 48 hours. Including all the system engineering and migration.

This is my big change in character, the fact that I had to trust her code, without being able to properly revise it. Usually I trust nobody and I do everything on my own, but this had to change and Karen taught me that sometimes you have to delegate and trust other people because for some things, they know better. So, thanks Karen, I wish you the best for the new year.

And this is what makes the Niume team – and every team a great team after all. The respect for the individuality.

Now niume is already in beta phase since the 15th of November and we are pushing new features regularly. We are constantly learning new things and pushing ourselves to the limit, I really enjoy it.

The other big thing this year, the second half of November, was the European Tour with Until Rain promoting Anthem to Creation, along with Andromeda and Damnation Angels. I met some wonderful people, really genius musicians. It was a real honour for me to share the stage with them. Also, as it was the first “real” tour in a nightliner, visiting most European countries, it was a good hint of how life is on the road.

For the new year, I would like to be more available for my beloved ones. All of my things took all of my energy and kept me alone and away from them.

Especially one person who always says she loves me more than I do and she is right about it. I hope I can reduce the gap a bit this year.

Happy New Year everyone!

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