Zero Carbohydrates and Salt Detox Diet Overview

So, earlier this week, Sunday to be precise, I was in a moderately strict detox from carbohydrates and salt, in order to detox.

Today it is Saturday, so my detox is over. This doesn’t mean that I will start all the habits again, but means that now I can ease up a bit and enrich my diet.

I would highly suggest this way of detoxing to everyone that wants to reset his diet as well as kick-start his idle metabolism.

It is not going to be easy at all, especially the first two days, but it pays off big time in the end.

So, lets start our journey:

Day 0 – Sunday Evening

Sunday evening was the time when I decided to detox for a week. There was an obstacle though. There was nothing edible in the house apart from fish and chips in the freezer. So I ate fish n’ chips without salt, ketchup, tartar sauce, mayo. I only used some malt vinegar and pepper to spice things up.

It doesn’t really count as a day though, it was not hard at all, that’s why it has the number 0.

Day 1 – Monday

Monday was a hard day. I already had energy from Sunday and Saturday, but I only ate a small salad as a lunch. The only thing it achieved, was to make me feel even hungrier than I was.

Also, I felt it gave me no energy at all. I have to remind you, that I was eating salad without salt, only with pepper, vinegar and just a drop of olive oil. But I also bought chicken and more salad for the rest of the week.

So I had to also eat some clementines to prevent my stomach from growling while I was writing code. I started to become really really grumpy at I returned home totally ruined. I felt that my body was too heavy to lift. Also I wasn’t in the mood for anything, but I also couldn’t sleep.

This was when I realised that maybe in the end, the whole detox would be a bit more difficult than I initially thought.

Day 2 – Tuesday

Tuesday was the hardest day of the detox. I woke up in a really shitty mood. This gradually changed when I cooked and ate two chicken breasts with salad. I felt like life had finally come back to me.

In the office, the only thing I ate was a couple of clementines and the juice that Karen made me. Here is the tricky part though. I went to play in an open mic. And I couldn’t drink a pint of beer! This really left me an emptiness inside once the performance was over. I realised how much I’ve tied these things together through the year. Apart from that, it was in the other side of the town and the whole trip made me feel totally crushed.

After coming back home wet and exhausted, I ate a very light salad, a cigarette and I was lying in bed staring at the ceiling with my stomach growling again.

Day 3 – Wednesday

Wednesday was the turning point. I woke up and I was used in preparing my own lunch. I put some chicken thighs in the oven and I enjoyed them with some salad again. I also bought some salmon fillets in order to enrich my evening salad.

But I was in a very good mood. Writing code didn’t seem that hard and I didn’t feel that much empty headed.

After I enjoyed my salad with small bits of salmon, I finished some extra work and went to sleep peacefully.

Day 4 – Thursday

Thursday felt like normal. I had chicken thighs again for lunch, juice in the office and fruit. I started getting bored of the same things every day and I realised that the variety of non-processed foods in grocery stores is very small.

My energy levels seemed OK, though I had a lust for anything like pasta or potatoes.

It is like your system knows exactly what it wants. Even though I was OK from a physical perspective, my mood was really shitty. I wasn’t cranky and grumpy, but I was feeling depressed.

Probably the withdrawal symptoms from biscuits, chips and all the other little thingies that are bodies are programmed to crave, were kicking in.

Day 5 – Friday

Friday was the day that I understood I could keep living with this lifestyle, if I added small variations and balance the consumption of carbohydrates.

To be honest, I was really waiting for Friday to finish in order to be able to enjoy some digestives with my tea and coffee.

The aftermath is though, that I feel a lot better than last week and this detox was a big lesson for me.

Highly suggested.


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