Fish & Chips in Isleworth

Spring is here to stay! Amazing weather on a Saturday morning. What do you do?

You take your baby for a ride of course. At least I did. And I also needed to wear sunglasses. This does not happen very often in London…

My trip commences from Twyford Abbey. Before you ask, I shall tell you that the Abbey belongs to me and I live there.

I use the Hanger Lane towards Ealing, then I continue in Gunnersbury Avenue, until the Chiswick roundabout. Take the exit towards Kew, and ride in Kew Bridge. It is always congested, but there is enough space for filtering, so no worries at all.

Reaching the Richmond roundabout, take the exit towards Twickenham and continue straight on. When the road splits, take a right turn and then when you see the Mill Plat dead end, just enter it and park your bike in the end of it.

There is a small corridor for you to walk until you see a crane and a small path in front of it. Take the small path, and river Thames is smiling to you. If you continue right along the river path, there is a pub called Town Wharf. I ate some fish and chips along with a pint of stout there while gazing the river, it was really relaxing.

Also you can have a nice walk next to the river, with very nice views. I got a bit jealous of people that were living there, but then again, it is a bit too far from central London to do it every day…

Try it one day if you are about!

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