ZEP Kissos

If you live in Thessaloniki and near Hortiatis, there is a chance that you know what ZEP Kissos was meant to be.

For all other people, including me, when I first saw the half completed road works, it reminded me of an abandoned military station in Afghanistan or project Dharma from Lost. So, I was really intrigued about it and I searched to find what was true about this ghost village.

First of all, in order to go there, you either go via Platanakia, which is a small forest with various amenities or via the Antenna park of Hortiatis. I almost always use the Platanakia route, because it is a proper road -even if it is disused and not maintained- and not an unpaved road.

After you turn right for Platanakia, just carry on straight and eventually you will reach the ZEP Kissos. A vandalised sign will welcome you there. It looks something like this:

Kissos signAfter you reach Kissos, you will be confronted with a magnificent view of Thessaloniki, depending on the weather and visibility of course. ZEP Kissos

You will also be able to see TOPSY, the military radar on the highest point of Hortiatis.

Before you claim that this picture is illegal look closer and you’ll figure out that I am actually hotlinking it from the website of Hellenic Air Force.
[EDIT] It seems that the webmaster of the Hellenic Air Force noticed that there are sensitive images of the radar on the internet and correctly removed it. So I found another one.[/EDIT]TOPSY You can browse more pictures on my flickr. Finally here is an aerial picture of ZEP Kissos taken from Google Maps. ZEP Kissos from above

Now a little bit more about Kissos. It seems that it started as a model city, with optic fibre, sewage, water and electricity but there was nothing built except from the roads because people of Hortiatis took the case to the court and the court decided that it is a zone that should be protected, as a forest, despite the first decision of the forest authority that it is not a forest.

Now, Greek courts being Greek courts, everything remained as it was and it is neither a city, nor a forest and people just lost money.

I am not going to comment on whether there should be a city up there or not, but now the “forest” remains destroyed and people still didn’t get a refund. It is the typical Greek case. Piss poor planning and organisation combined with corruption.

Anyway, here is a video of someone-who-is-not-me going there from Kalamaria, Thessaloniki and also attempting to reach the antenna park but then the video ends, probably the battery ran out.

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