Motion Detection Surveillance System with raspberry pi

One of these days, the disc brake lock of my bike couldn’t unlock. My first thought was that somebody tried to steal the bike. Probably this isn’t the case, but I took some immediate measures to restore my inner peace again.

I used to have a windows laptop running yawcam (Yet Another Webcam Software) and recording images when motion was detected. But this laptop is now dead and I don’t use Windows at all anymore, so I had to find a Linux equivalent.

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Motorbike Trip to Ireland

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a new motorbike. It is a fz6 fazer 2009 s2. It is a wonderful bike, very versatile, fast, fun, perfect for being your weekend toy as well as your means of comfortable commuting around London. Don’t forget though, it is a sports touring bike, mine came with a full fairing, which means you can travel many miles without fighting the elements of nature alone. So far, I did around 300 miles a day and I could do a lot more.

Yamaha Fazer FZ6 2009 S2

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Misfueling hurts so bad

Unfortunately, this first post will not be about a trip I had, as I could not complete it at the end of the day. For various reasons. One of those reasons was that I was not planning to write about it, as my camera’s memory stick didn’t arrive yet.

The second reason is slightly weirder.

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Media Discovery Black Hat SEO scam

So, I received an email the other day from a company called Media Discovery, offering me monies in order to sell them advertising space for this very blog.

To make a long story short, it wasn’t a completely spam email, just spam-ish. The first email I received in January the 21th was the following one:

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Zero Carbohydrates and Salt Detox Diet Overview

So, earlier this week, Sunday to be precise, I was in a moderately strict detox from carbohydrates and salt, in order to detox.

Today it is Saturday, so my detox is over. This doesn’t mean that I will start all the habits again, but means that now I can ease up a bit and enrich my diet.

I would highly suggest this way of detoxing to everyone that wants to reset his diet as well as kick-start his idle metabolism.

It is not going to be easy at all, especially the first two days, but it pays off big time in the end.

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London Estate Agents Ranting

Once again, I was about to hit the road.

In a different way though, as my house contract was coming to an end and I needed to move into a bigger house, not only because I got fatter, but also because we are going to be more crowded this time.

We are forming “Yet Another Greek Ghetto” in London. Nothing special here. To be honest, I don’t miss my old house at all yet, as I felt like a giant and I was tired of hitting my toes in the passage between my desk and my bed.

So, my tale of clashing with the mafia of house agents, had begun.

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Install sendEmail (simple SMTP client for Linux) on CentOS

I have a lot of servers up and running doing various tasks. They run scripts, and for most of the scripts I want to know if the outcome was good or bad. Especially bad.

The most common and easy way is to send an email for most of the cases, but I don’t want to setup a mailserver such as postfix in order to do it. I prefer to just use a gmail address in order to complete the task easily.

I found an application-utility which does exactly this simple thing. It is written in perl and it is called sendEmail – not to be confused with sendmail. I figured out that because I just install it when I set up a new server, I can’t find any complete instructions and I need to search around every time in order to make it work. Note that you cannot find sendEmail in the usual yum repositories.

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Looking back in 2013

To be honest, I always think of year intervals starting from September, so days like this I tend to sit down and do a last minute thinking.

2013 was a year of big changes and a lot of work for me.

It was a really creative year for me, even though I was really pushed to the boundaries of sanity from things happening around me, as I sank deeper into my solitude.

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Until Rain – Z7, Switzerland drumcam

While I was on tour with Until Rain supporting Andromeda, I managed to get some drumcam footage for some of our songs, thanks to Mr Linus¬†Abrahamson. I still can’t thank him enough for lending his zoom camera recorder for a couple of gigs.

In this post, you can view my performance from Z7 in Pratteln, Switzerland.

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