re-switched from Windows to Linux

Now that I live in England and I only have my laptop computer at the moment, I decided to re-switch from Windows 7 to Linux.

Yeah, it’s a re-switch, as I have done it in the past, but I had enough headaches trying to tweak and hack around to make all of my devices just compatible.

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Embedded Subtitles

Today a friend of mine, asked me whether I could help him embed subtitles at a video file, in order to play it on his TV, using a USB stick.

It really seems an easy task, but there is no blind-standard-algorithmic way to have it  working every time for every occasion. So I am going to write a small personal guide on how do it, that maybe will be helpfull to you who are reading this right now, trying to take a shortcut. I am not a video expert or sth, I just got my task – and my friend’s favor- done. Continue reading Embedded Subtitles