Concurrency in Everyday Life – APPLIED

As a developer, everyday I face tasks that I need to schedule them to execute concurrently -in parallel- to maximise speed, efficiency and for many other reasons. Personal computers these days are characterised by the ability to multitask and provide pleasant experience and immediate response to the end user.

Often, when I have to do a task in real life, I don’t schedule properly and I end up on wasting energy, good mood and resources. So today, I tried to optimise the planning of my daily tasks and save time, mood and resources by planning them properly first. Continue reading Concurrency in Everyday Life – APPLIED

SwingWorker Bug

While I was working on a project using Java’s SwingWorker in BomberHughes’ MailWorker class to execute a long task that wouldn’t be practical to freeze the user interface, I stumbled upon a bug that caused me a headache till I could find the problem.

Apparently I trusted blindly the function:


I had in mind that it would just stop the thread’s doInBackground() function right away and would transfer the programme’s flow to done() function. But I trusted wrong. Continue reading SwingWorker Bug