The Great Return [From Greece to Great Britain]

Some of you may have read about my Great Escape [From Great Britain to Greece].  Many people had various questions about it, but the one question that kept repeating was simple: “How did you come back?”

And then I thought, that there was some space for a story about it, since it was a challenge for me.

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The Great Escape [From Great Britain to Greece]

Many of you might have seen the famous classic film “The Great Escape” where Steve McQueen tries to escape from Nazi captivity by using a Triumph motorbike, trying to reach the neutral Swiss border. It is a great film and I suggest you see it if you haven’t done so already.

My “Great Escape” is a bit different. It is a trip on a motorbike, but I am not on the run from any Nazis. It is still a Great Escape from routine and everyday life. It is a nice adventure and some time in complete solitude and maybe take some important decisions for the future.

So the plan is to travel from London, Great Britain, to Thessaloniki, Greece. If you are still intrigued to know details, carry on reading…

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ZEP Kissos

If you live in Thessaloniki and near Hortiatis, there is a chance that you know what ZEP Kissos was meant to be.

For all other people, including me, when I first saw the half completed road works, it reminded me of an abandoned military station in Afghanistan or project Dharma from Lost. So, I was really intrigued about it and I searched to find what was true about this ghost village.

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Best Pizza in Town

Γράφοντας σε προηγούμενο post για την μυστηριώδη κρεπερί, θα πρέπει “παρεπιπτόντως”

θα πρέπει παρεπιπτόντως ΛΕΜΕ να γράψω για την α’ εναλλακτική σε περίπτωση που στην κρεπερί συμβαίνουν τα παράδοξα και είμαστε έτοιμοι να λιποθυμίσουμε από την πείνα και τα νεύρα ή απλά να ΦΑΜΕ, εμείς τα παιδιά θαύματα και ο λαχανόκηπος κάποιες φορές.

Η πρώτη εναλλακτική λοιπόν είναι μία πιτσαρία ιστορική, με διαχρονική φήμη, ανοιχτή 24/7 με την καλύτερη διάθεση να σερβίρει τους πελάτες της. Μπορεί κάποιος αφελής και επιπόλαιος να την περάσει για πιτσαρία της σειράς, όμως ΚΑΝΕΙ ΜΕΓΑΛΟ ΛΑΘΟΣ. Continue reading Best Pizza in Town